Garden offices and rooms

Our architecturally designed garden offices and rooms are fully insulated, eco-friendly and energy efficient. Our studios can be customised according your tastes: dimensions, external and internal finishing, windows position, sanitary equipment.

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Special buildings

The special buildings are above all spaces to experience gathering and favorite exchanges. These are places for both residential and touristic use.The teepee is a part of those special structures as it is unusial to be seen here.
tiny houses


The tiny house for every adventurer in love with the nature.

it's a small wooden house built on a trailer. It can be moved at any time. To park it doesn't require a building permission. It offers you a living space between 12 and 20 m².

the yurts


A different lifestyle, low-cost and ecological.

This mode of dwelling has more and more fans. Its origin is from Asia, nowadays we rediscover the yurts. they are modern stylished, giving all the comfort you need for our climate conditions. They offer a space between 20 and 80 m2.

the teepees


Total immersion in an original lifestyle .

The teepee is experienced in nature, it can be used as residential or summer home. Fully insulated, it will bring you all desired heating comfort. The teepee recalls the original dwelling of the Indians of South America, in Lakota Sioux language "teepee" means "a dwelling".