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You are a holder of a campsite or leisure site and you need to diversify your rental accommodation. The customers are fed up with the traditional mobile homes and chalets, that why we Space-Wood developped surprising and quirky new options: gypsy caravans and yurts of course, but also amazing tipis, barrel houses, floating homes… There’s no two ways about it, the landscape of your campsites has to evolve towards a greater diversification of rental accommodation: holidaymakers need enchantment, escapism, adventure and nature.
Wooden caravans - roulottes
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Floresse Multi

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This model allows you to rent passing campers for one night, avoiding pitching a tent, or taling a long-term occupation. It's equipped with private bathroom, separated beds. This model is very easily paid back. 


Their triangular shape has an immediate visual impact on you. They are designed to meet your professional needs in term of leisure accomodation (campsites, guest houses) but they also can entice the individuals. They are built up like a real small wooden frame house with 150 or 200 mm of insulation in the floor, in the walls and the roof, they garantee you comfort during the summer but also during the winter. 
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Barrel houses
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Also, those who don’t have their own equipment (tent, caravan…) or might not want to rent a mobile home, with all the home comforts, are turning to new options which are unusual, to say the least. Our range of rental accommodation structures can be based in special areas within the campsites, in quieter spots or in a remarkable environment: near a lake, or with untrammelled views of the countryside. It’s interesting to note that our quirky holiday homes are attracting a new type of camper, an urban customer base which is rediscovering camping in a whole new way, for a weekend only, or even just a night out as part of a gift package.
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Pool houses
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They’re full of charm, but also a lot of advantages: the price, first and foremost, is lower comparing to a mobile home. Some of the accommodation is far from the car parks, so camper feels isolated into the nature.Our options are all suitable for families, and some accommodation has two or even three rooms. Yet for those who have had the privilege, sleeping in a gypsy caravan, or spending a night on the water, remains an unforgettable experience. That’s what holidays are for!


We have building solutions of outdoor accomodation for campsite professionals, groups and independent sites.